Digital Lamppost advertising gaining more traction

We have been working on digital advertising for lampposts since the beginning of the year and during this time we have seen a large amount of interest around this field.

Perhaps it is in part due to the terrible state the economy is in and that councils are looking to make the most of their assets. Who could blame them, there is great revenue in advertisements and they can bring more funds for city developments i.e. back to the public.

Our units try and take one step further than others in the market and in addition to revenue for a city, we aim to offer additional services embedded within the digital lampposts which are of use to the public.

  • The ability to interact with the advertisement, which also has greater value to the advertiser
  • The ability to display useful updates, warnings and other public awareness content and services
  • Free access to via WiFi to both CityLeaves city guide and also to free Internet Access

For more information check out the digital lamppost section