Free WiFi: Are we DREAMING?



  Nokia Free WiFi
It's been talked about for years - even before London Mayor Boris Johnson promissed it then caused it to be given out to lobbying companies who of course constructed models that in reality are NOT FREE for varying types of sign on sign up options that in reality just atempt to hide the fees for free WiFi.

Is NOKIA and its market pusg for its Lumia smartphones another way to lock in users?
Its to be a Free trial for a few months, but whats the catch....It would be GREAT for CityLeaves London users....BUT and its a big but: with Free WiFi there is often a catch... lets hope this is the strat of REAL FREE.
Such a service will be far better and two way traffic quicker that 3/4G .... but don't hold your breath.


Spain even though going through worrying financial times has still seen it significant enough to provide FREE WiFi and Internet on the buses and trains as an economical booster. Will London be oneof the last cities to adopt such method?