Restaurants must have WiFi: a new Malaysian law in Kuala Lumpur

It's terribly embarrassing when cities like London can't get together and put out a quality Free WiFi service even in light of a huge event such as the Olympics in 2012, especially when Asian counterparts keep setting the bar.

The Malaysian government has seen the benefits of Internet access and has put forward laws to take effect in April 2012, to make it a legal requirement for restaurants (bars, cafes and clubs too) in Malaysia's biggest city Kuala Lumpur to have to provide WiFi Internet for its patrons.

These types of stories are really putting Europe and the USA to shame. What these stories really illustrate is that we are being left behind and aren't keeping pace with technology as we should be. Instead we are still subjected to patchy WiFi usually put out only with commercial interest as opposed to as a public service as it should be.