European CommissionPublic DataWeb was founded in 1998, following a successful three year research project funded by the EC, targeted at identifying real needs of the public in adoption and usage of digital services.

On the basis of our findings we have developed unique tools in approaching the vastness of the internet and the abundance of data out there. We specialise in city wide and business digitalisation.

City digitalisation works across several platforms, through our highly specialised touch screen indoor kiosks and outdoor kiosks such as the the Parasol and Umbrella as seen in Aberdeen and several major European locations. As well as this, our content is tailored to Wi-Fi enabled devices transmitted across our mesh Free Wi-Fi Networks.

Content for our systems includes Council and Government information, City 'What's on Direct' information, Job Vacancies, Tourism and Transport information etc., as well as free Internet access and free video, Email and SKYPE services.

In the past years we've been involved as main partners, in a handful of major European projects, tackling e-government and e-inclusion issues. We confidently bring with us very good experience for any international consortium or city wishing to provide validated services for the public.

Since 2005, we have extended our company expertise into deploying Metropolitan Wi-Fi Mesh Networks and Wi-Fi services for mobile devices. 

Wi-fi via Sheffield kioskBoth Sheffield and Aberdeen outdoor information kiosks have been Wi-Fi enabled, providing a 24/7 free Wi-Fi Internet and free 'What's On Direct' pilot service for mobile users.

We are experts in web, mobile and Wi-Fi developments from small scale to the very largest of scales and so welcome projects of any size. We offer the very latest techniques in web presence such as search engine optimisation, social network marketing and avatar customer service support.

Public DataWeb has in recent years adopted the same proven methods seen across city wide digitalisation and public service access, for use across many other industries in particular digital advertising in he outdoor advertising sector. We take businesses and communities to the digital stage by means of web development, mobile connectivity, wi-fi broadcasting, touch screen kiosk solutions, and web marketing methods.