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Asahi Vending Machines: FREE WiFi now included

If you're fed up of patchy WiFi now look no further than the vending machines in the street for a free hot spot. Well that's if your in Japan and close enough to hook up to an Asahi Vending Machine. Japan already has really good WiFi as does much of Asia but there are still areas lacking.

Asahi have very ingeniously taken a step to include free WiFi in all their vending machines which is sure to go down well, and as the provider of the service they are sure to gain strong public support which makes it an ideal move for them.

They really already have all the equipment there to use, installing a WiFi mesh box is just a small cost and the result is very powerful and a PR dream come true.

Restaurants must have WiFi: a new Malaysian law in Kuala Lumpur

It's terribly embarrassing when cities like London can't get together and put out a quality Free WiFi service even in light of a huge event such as the Olympics in 2012, especially when Asian counterparts keep setting the bar.

The Malaysian government has seen the benefits of Internet access and has put forward laws to take effect in April 2012, to make it a legal requirement for restaurants (bars, cafes and clubs too) in Malaysia's biggest city Kuala Lumpur to have to provide WiFi Internet for its patrons.

These types of stories are really putting Europe and the USA to shame. What these stories really illustrate is that we are being left behind and aren't keeping pace with technology as we should be. Instead we are still subjected to patchy WiFi usually put out only with commercial interest as opposed to as a public service as it should be.

Digital Lamppost advertising gaining more traction

We have been working on digital advertising for lampposts since the beginning of the year and during this time we have seen a large amount of interest around this field.

Perhaps it is in part due to the terrible state the economy is in and that councils are looking to make the most of their assets. Who could blame them, there is great revenue in advertisements and they can bring more funds for city developments i.e. back to the public.

Free WiFi: Are we DREAMING?



  Nokia Free WiFi
 ARTICLE> http://www.3g.co.uk/PR/Nov2011/free-wifi-in-london-from-nokia.html
It's been talked about for years - even before London Mayor Boris Johnson promissed it then caused it to be given out to lobbying companies who of course constructed models that in reality are NOT FREE for varying types of sign on sign up options that in reality just atempt to hide the fees for free WiFi.

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