Steve Jobs: A Visionary is dead

A very sad day, as Steve Jobs founder of Apple has died.

A true world visionary, a man behind a global brand that has changed the face of technology and personal devices like no other.

He was a true icon, an inspirational business man bringing Apple from nothing on two occasions.

As many will know Steve Jobs has suffered a long running battle with cancer which finally took its course at a still yound age of 56.

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Outdoor advertising set to change, set for digital

OOH Poster Industry set to change

We have been quietly been pioneering these methods for several years. Now the industry is waking up to the inevitable move to digital posters. Public DataWeb’s Interactive Outdoor range and city services – CityLeaves integrating with our interactive WiFi to mobile comms: from digital poster to mobile - are fully developed and ready to supply, operate and support this exiting emerging business.

Amazon: Kindle Fire

As discussed earlier this week in our blog Amazon have brought out their Apple rival product, the Kindle Fire, a stunning piece fo equipment. A 7-inch colour screen tablet, at a very good price, only £129 in the UK undercutting rivals significantly, although dont rush to the shops quite yet, it is missing some hardware, notably missing an internet connection and camera!

Free Facebook? The Free Web myth

In light of the recent scaremongerering of Facebook profile charges I thought I'd actually look at the concept a little deeper.

Fact: Facebook does technically charge you to use its services. As does Gmail, Google, Hotmail and almost all websites.

All these services and many websites now deal in an interesting idea of advertisement currency. This basically means a user unknowingly pays for such services without a physical transaction taking place.

Put simply we pay fo many services in life by being "subjected" to advertisements. So the uproar people have been talking about with Facebook rumours of charging users to have is false but partially true. A free service would mean no adverts wouldn't it?

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