Facebook Scaremongers

Facebook again this week has been victim of scaremongering with ridiculous chain-mailesque rumours of Facebook charging for profile or special profile priviledges. They seem to circulate a few times a year.

Whats interesting is facebook has to actually go to the trouble of press releasing to dismiss such rumours.

Whats even more interesting is Facebook seems to be at the mercy sometimes of its own success and viral potential so much so it sometimes struggles to put the flames out.

Facebook has some 350 million users, and an advertisement revenue model which works pretty well with over a billion dollars a year and a majority market share of social network ads.

Spotify: Facebook's answer to Music

Facebook has been missing something for a very long time, and now it seems it has it.

It's still early days but Spotify seems to be the answer to Facebooks void. Music is now seemelessly embedded in facebook, you can share,  view others peoples playlists and see the hottest tracks.

Spotify is sleek, and well oiled. We love it so far and think its got huge potential, even if it means you will get the odd Facebook music snob, carefully selecting their shared playlists to offer maximum social aceptance.

Amazon try a bite of the apple

Amazon are to unveil their latest challenge on Apple on Wednesday, and are set to reveal a colour, touch version of the kindle.

The kindle although selling in good volumes has always seemed to fall a little flat in comparison to the flashy tablets on the market, not that it has claimed to be a tablet, but the comparison would always have to be made.


Manchester CityLeaves is now running. It's the second of the CityLeaves locations to go live.

CityLeaves: The complete city guide, for tourists and importantly as a hub for the citizens of Manchester. Create and share now, simply register and away you go!

It has several improvements in design and flow which are being back built into Aberdeen.

To explore Manchester yourself click the image below and late us take you on a full tour.

We are looking for editors of key sections, this puts you in control of delivering fantastic new content within your field expertise to share about the city you love, so contact us and lets get you set up and running.

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