Steve Jobs steps down

Steve Jobs Apples "white knight" has put down the reigns of the mighty empire, the company he founded from nothing, and later renetered to save it from the brink of disaster.

Since retaking over the company he has brought the company to world domination, a company with the midus touch turning out product after product that has hit the world with a mighty wallop and set a precedence for the shaping of personal device technology.

Linux celebrate 20 years

It's hard to believe but the empire known as Linux is now 20 yars old.

We have used Linux for a long time now, we're big fans and would love to see many more great things from them in the next 20 years.

The following video commemorates the 20 years of Linux.

The Facebook Bubble

Everything is coming up - SOCIAL NETWORK on the IPO radar due to the FACEBOOK EFFECT.

FACEBOOK is quoted as being valued at $50 Billion! So everyone is scrambling to build copycat services or ad on projects, or linkages into and out from FACEBOOK.

Our own Public DataWeb systems are a Social Network with city centre locations providing Internet access and importantly direct access to our Websites that are CITY FOCUSED giving hot links to local services; our next services will be much more local population focused.

FACEBOOK creates associations of friends whilst ours connects local people with each other and with local services: the NEXT STEP FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING.

Our networking methods existed before FACEBOOK and can integrate with FACEBOOK upon our soon to be upgraded online network.

Our services are real world, and have physical attributes (Street PARASOL'S) + WEB PRESENCE.

So if the Bubble inflates and even bursts our strengths will remain.

The Digital Universe

The POINT of marketing is to REACH THE CUSTOMER: to do so seamlessly you must remove the barriers between a potential client and the service or product they need.

Would you charge customers an entry fee to come into your store?

Most marketing has been interruptive - it stops people doing what they were doing; like watching a TV programme, listening to music on the radio, looking through your email inbox - interrupted by the advert... by SPAM.

Billboard advertising is less interruptive but not interactive.

No advertising has been interactive, until the age of the Internet; NOW IT IS.

The age of the Internet has given us the means for a product or service to become an interactive element that the potential purchaser can interact with, to some extent, before making a purchase. This is better for choice and provides an amount of certainty in decision making; especialy if recommended by a freind e.g. from a Social Network.

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