Evolution of Outdoor Public Access

Picture shows how mountain climbers leave matches in mountain refuges to assist getting a fire going thus anticipating the need to have matches out of the box for frost bitten fingers: a parallel attempting to illustrate the need also for technology to be assistive for the public and to present no barriers to immediate use.Mountain Climbers and cross country skiers leave a fire grate loaded with paper and wood and with matches ready inside refuge centres: like the picture.

What has this to do with public access kiosks or more importantly Outdoor Kiosks? You might ask.

       It’s to do with thinking about the needs of others.

If you have frostbite its difficult to even remove your gloves, so knowing the possible situation of fellow climbers, they provide assistive usability considerations - maybe even life saving forethought. Such thinking can be applied in other areas.

The design needs to begin with USABILITY in mind; any barrier to use must be eliminated both in physical design and usage of the touch screens and associated WiFi operations for nearby local mobile users. After such considerations, finally the appearance needs to be modern and attractive.

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