Public DataWeb has developed robust applications for cities around the world which bring together elements about the city into a simple and easy to navigate structure, enabling individuals with any computer literacy to access such content. Our applications transitioned into a new product branded CityLeaves.

CityLeaves is a unique approach to content and builds it around a location. The Internet has been useful in breaking down geographic barriers yet content is disjointed and hard to harvest under one place. CityLeaves aims to achieve this by creating hubs for any location. Furthermore we allow thee public to shape, create and build to these cities online. It is our thoughts that all city authorities should endorse such a place to allow for the contributions of information about their city and embrace access to it in their streets through our interactive outdoor range. CityLeaves however is not dependent on this and cities can be created anywhere that there are willing contributors.

CityLeaves is specially developed to integrate seamlessly across multiple platforms from in home, to our full interactive outdoor product range.

Interactive Outdoor

Part of our ongoing development saw a strong trend forming and a real market open that was inline with our digital outdoor advertisement developments. It quickly became apparent that outdoor advertising was moving in the direction of digital with costs of digital hardware becoming more cost effective. Our experience in public engagement and digital service soon brought about the development of an entire range of outdoor advertising equipment, unique in that we heavily integrate access to city services and allow interaction with the digital advertisements. Our experience in mangement remotely has enabled many benefits and advancements in advertising approaches including "smart" advertising and remote management.

The products can be seen in great detail in our products pages but they include the following:

  • Digital outdoor Kiosk (the Parasol)
  • Digital Lamp posts
  • Digital 6 sheets
  • Digital Billboards
  • Digital wall and window mounted panels
  • Digital indoor kiosks

Research & Development

Work starts in our China Factory that would become part of a 24 month initial Research and Development of Public DataWeb's future technology for in street furniture integrated with outdoor advertising.

A key vision was seen in blending public access services, outdoor advertising and creating interactive advertisement elements.

The principle product for development would be an evolution of the Umbrella kiosk that had seen so much popularity in Aberdeen, it would undertake drastic developments using the latest smart materials and advancements in technologies to create a long lasting durable modern kiosk design with integrated overhead advertisements. One of the main objectives in advertisement integration was to create reveneue streams which would enable any council to adopt such technolgies for their cities without the financial costs for infrastructure previously required. The Parasol as this unit would come to be known would be costed to allow strong quick profits to be seen by councils implementing them, with a target of 18-24 months.

Aberdeen Umbrella Kiosk Network

The outdoor Umbrella kiosks have an outstanding stylish design, that maximizes the service visibility and the functionality.

The Aberdeen kiosk network provides a city application with diverse information related to Council news, What's On Direct Aberdeen - a comprehensive  events and attractions city guide, transport and tourism information, local life etc.

The kiosk application allows free Internet access, free video email and VOIP telephone calls.

In January 2007, all the Aberdeen Umbrella kiosks were Wi-Fi enabled with Mesh Wi-Fi Access Points.

The Wi-Fi signal provides FREE Internet Access in the network, on any Wi-Fi enable device, laptops, smart phones, PDAs etc.

The Wi-Fi service also provides the Public DataWeb What's on Direct Mobile Application, a free content service on any Wi-Fi enable device.

AIDC: The European Centre of Excellence

Public DataWeb worked in partnership with the AIDC Centre in Halifax UK, devising and developing leading edge technology demonstrators and pilot systems.

Our projects included:

  • Barcode Mobile Ticketin
  • Avatar enhanced smartcard demonstrators
  • E-Democracy with Smartcard Identification
  • City-wide integrated public information systems, touch screen enabled, providing mobile content services plus WebTV Internet home access

Sheffield Kiosk Network and City Application

The first kiosk in Sheffield was installed in 2000. The kiosk network, which has now more than 30 kiosks,  provides Council and City Information in the street and in other popular locations: libraries, Job Centres, NHS locations and others.

  • The outdoor kiosks have been design to integrate in JCDecaux advertising columns.
  • The What's On Direct Sheffield service is part of the kiosk application and became a popular guide to events and attractions in Sheffield.
  • The kiosk application also allows free Internet access, free video email and is VOIP telephony enabled.
  • During the past years the kiosks have been successfully used for electronic voting in the Sheffield local elections and provide direct access to job centre vacancies.
  • The Sheffield Wi-Fi Mesh pilot successfully demonstrates the concept of a scaleable metropolitan Mesh Wi-Fi Network.
  • The Wi-Fi signal provides FREE Internet Access in the network, on any Wi-Fi enable device, laptops, smart phones and PDAs.
  • The Wi-Fi service also provides the Public DataWeb What's on Direct Mobile Application, a content service: free on any Wi-Fi enable device.
  • Tailored service to fit small mobile screens.
  • Free SKYPE VOIP telephone calls anywhere in the world.